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近日因為停課關係,學生都要留在家中學習。Miss Laverne設計了一些英文生字遊戲,家長和學生可輕易在家中以簡單的材料自製英文詞彙卡 (Vocabulary cards) ,用有趣的方法來增加英語詞彙量。

「生字卡」和遊戲有助同學掌握英語生字;強化發音 (pronunciation)及對生字含義 (meaning) 和詞類 (part of speech) 之應用和理解。適合任何英文程度和年齡的學生參與。


遊戲 1:SAY IT OUT (Pronunciation practice 發音練習)

遊戲 2:GUESS THE WORD (Reinforcement of vocabulary words 強化生字認知)

遊戲 3:WORD SORT- PART OF SPEECH (詞語分類-強化詞類認知)

遊戲 4:GUESS THE WORD (Level 2) (以主題 (themes)、同義詞 (synonyms)、反義詞 (antonyms) 來強化生字認知)


1. 家長可讓小朋友參與製作生字卡,自己動手做更能增加學習興趣和成效。

2. 根據小朋友的程度和年齡,每天學習5-7個新的英文生字 (不宜太多)。


About Miss Laverne

Miss Laverne is a passionate English teacher born and educated in Hong Kong. She has a Bachelor degree in English Language Education and she graduated with distinction in her teaching practicum.

Miss Laverne also holds a Master Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies and a certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She has been teaching English full-time at local schools for four years.

In the new school year, Miss Laverne is going to be teaching both junior and senior secondary students.