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英文教室 |IELTS應試必備:認識更多同義詞(adjectives上篇)

WSE 20220830 IELTS adjs (1)

你知唔知IELTS好睇重考生係vocabulary方面嘅儲備架?無論係writing定係speaking,係評分標準上都可以睇到vocabulary resource呢一項criteria。如果想要攞到7分以上,就要達到 “use a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility” 嘅程度!

今日我哋就一齊黎睇下有d咩synonym 可以黎替換常用嘅adjectives!

1. Amazing 極好的

Incredible: The hotel was incredible.
Fabulous: They’ve got a fabulous apartment in the centre of Paris.
Astonishing: Her first novel enjoyed an astonishing success.
Astounding: There was an astounding 20% increase in sales.
Extraordinary: She was a truly extraordinary woman.

英文教室 |考IELTS必學 學識多個Good / Bad 替代詞


2. Awful 糟糕的

Dreadful: I’m afraid there’s been a dreadful mistake.
Abominable: The judge described the attack as an abominable crime.
Terrible: He had suffered terrible injuries.
Unpleasant: The minerals in the water made it unpleasant to drink.

3. Bad 不好的

Inferior: Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past.
Unfavorable: The play received generally unfavorable reviews.
Faulty: His arguments were based on faulty reasoning.
Depraved: Someone who abuse a kid like that must be totally depraved.
Appalling: The bus service is appalling now.

4. Calm 冷靜的

Collected: She always stays cool and collected in a crisis.
Unruffled: He remained unruffled by their accusations.
Serene: He approached the job with the serene confidence.
Composed: She seemed outwardly composed.


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