When is the best time to start preparing for your DSE English exam?

  Whether you are a senior secondary student who will soon be a warrior in the DSE exam battle, or a junior student who believes you have still got plenty of time before this big challenge, my advice for you is: start preparing for your exam today.


  Being an English learner, it is essential to understand that language learning is an accumulative (累積的) process that requires persistent (持續的) effort. Our English language learning journey is a progressive one that occurs long before the DSE exam and continues after it.


  We can learn the DSE English exam techniques by drilling past papers to get ourselves familiar with the exam format and question types. Yet, to fully master (掌握) the English skills requires a lot more than monotonous drilling. We learn the language best through immersing in (沈浸於) an English rich environment, by using the language and learning from our mistakes and working on them.


  Make your English learning experience an interesting and meaningful one: make a playlist of your favourite English pop songs and sing along; follow your favourite western celebrities on Instagram and learn some idioms and phrases that they use; watch English videos on YouTube about anything you are passionate about; join an overseas exchange programme, make new friends and learn about different cultures.


  Remember, obtaining good results in the DSE exam is an important short-term goal that might shape your future; equipping ourselves with good English skills is, nevertheless, our long-term goal that helps us open up opportunities along the way. English learning requires an everyday effort, do not wait until your DSE battle approaches, start equipping yourself now and don’t forget to have fun as you do!


Laverne Cheung


  About Miss Laverne:

  Miss Laverne is a passionate English teacher born and educated in Hong Kong. 

  Miss Laverne has a Bachelor degree in English Language Education and she

  graduated with distinction in her teaching practicum. She also holds a Masters

  degree in Literary and Cultural Studies and a certificate in TEFL

  (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

  She has been teaching English full-time at local schools for four years.

  In the new school year, Miss Laverne is going to be teaching both junior and

  senior secondary students.