See eye to eye真係對上眼神嘅意思?

同另一個人See eye to eye,並唔係字面上嘅「互相望住」或者「對上眼神」,而係喺某件事上達成共識嘅意思!

"Even though we don’t always see eye to eye with each other, our friendship remains strong after all these years."

"It is hard to find someone who see eye to eye with you on most of the matters, so you should be grateful if you ever find one."

"My parents just had a huge fight with my brother as they did not see eye to eye on his choice of career."

有好多時侯我哋同身邊嘅人,例如係長輩、兄弟姊妹、朋友、老師等,喺一啲事情上面未必真係See eye to eye with each other,但係只要多啲聆聽同互相體諒,相信可以避免一啲不必要嘅爭執!