Slang of the week 37

Speak of the devil 直接翻譯嘅話就係提及到惡魔嘅意思!

喺以前啲人好迷信嘅年代,佢哋就會用 "Speak of the devil and he shall appear!",意思係如果你提到惡魔,佢就會出現!時至今日,呢句說話已經被縮短到"Speak of the devil",而中文呢,就係「講曹操,曹操就到」嘅意思!

"He did not come to school since last Wednesday, hope he is alright. Oh speak of the devil, there he is!"

"She is late again! Shall we just leave without her? Speak of the devil, she just arrived."

"It is my friend's birthday today! Speak of the devil....Hey happy birthday pal!