Slang of the week 32


"It is always easier to sneak the exam marking schemes and get good results, but you will never truly learn anything."

"Being a sneak all the time makes people think you are up to no good."

"I know my brother was being sneaky when I saw that smile on his face."




"He tried to sneak into the classroom without a sound but failed since he accidentally dropped his phone."

"We sneaked in some homemade popcorn into the cinema. I know this is wrong, but the popcorn they sell are just way over-priced!"



"She tried to sneak out from the party as soon as her ex-boyfriend's arrival."

"We were trying to sneak off class but was caught by the principal right at the entrance."



"You may think nobody would notice that you sneaked one cookie from the jar, but they have installed a CCTV in the kitchen just to catch the cookie thief."

"Pay extra attention of your belongings, we have a few reports of pickpockets sneaking from tourist's luggages."



"He has this naughty habit of sneaking up behind grandma's back just to make her jump."

"We just saw a guy sneaking up on another girl and got slapped."




"She sneaked a glance at the hot guy on the treadmill and fell in love straight away."



"A mouse sneaked a bite on the cheese and now I don't know if I should eat it or throw it away."